Credit: Utusan Melayu
Credit: Utusan Melayu

A bit of good news for Malaysian comic fans, Ujang might be revived this October. Earlier we reported that the magazine had bit the dust, it seemed like it was going to be gone for good, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Ibrahim Anon or known by his pen name Ujang said that plans are already on the way to bring back his creation in the premier local cartoon magazine, Gila-Gila. This particular character is created by him in 1984, makes his first appearance in Gila-Gila before branching out into his own comic, Ujang in 1994 under Karisma Publications.

However during his Ujang stint, the cartoonist got tricked by his business partner and kicked out of his own creation due to a loophole in the law. He was then forced to eke out his livelihood while trying to negotiate with MOY Publications but nothing productive happened. Fortunately, the Ujang magazine is now dead when its publisher MOY decided to throw in towel a few days ago.

Now, with the shutdown of the company, Ujang plans to make a comeback to the cartooning arena. For his revival plan, the cartoonist said, “We want to make high quality cartoon and entertaining Malaysian people. We[“re] doing it because we are passionate about it.”

Even though possessing a bungalow house in the city, we are happier to celebrate holiday at our real home, our heritage.” he continues.

Source: MalaysiaKini (Malay)

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