Iflix TM collabo

Have you been contemplating “splurging” RM96 for a years subscription to iflix? The miser in you will be pretty happy to hear this piece of news as now you can get iflix for free, if you’re a Unifi subscriber.

Yep, you read that right, and that’s not all. The offer is not just limited to existing and new Unifi users. If you’re also one of those sad people who are still on Streamyx, you’ll also be able to enjoy the free access to iflix. The partnership between TM and iflix, which was announced today (4 December 2015), will see the service/offer being rolled out mid-December to all Unifi home and Streamyx customers.

What’s interesting about this is how the Unifi and Streamyx customers will be able to access the service. There is no sign-up required. All the customers need to do is head over to the iflix website or fire up the app, and as long as they are connected to a Unifi home or Streamyx connection, iflix’s backend system will recognise the user and allow access to the service. This will work on any device, be it a PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet.

How the proprietary tech works was never really explained but the gist of the matter is, if you’re on Unifi or Streamyx, you’ll get iflix for free. Before you celebrate though, just take note that this service is only free for one year from the first login. After that customers will have to resubscribe for another year or monthly access to iflix.

Also, the iflix access is limited to Streamyx customers that are on the 4Mbps and 8Mbps package.

So if you’ve been considering getting an iflix subscription, you can now. With over tens of thousands of hours of movies and TV series in their catalogue, even their yearly subscription does seem pretty worth it. And what’s more, for all the otakus out there, iflix even has a catalogue of anime titles you can catch. So now all we have to do is wait till mid-December and we’ll be able to enjoy lotsa free movies and tv series.