Uniqlo’s latest collection pays tribute  to the iconic building brick toy with various Lego inspired prints. The graphic of the collection t-shirt collection follow the imitates the design principles of the bricks, mirroring their actual products.

The new Lego collection features the primary color bricks, minifigure heads and a range of Lego creations. The range caters to all genders and ages. However, don’t expect to be seeing stuff from their brand-licensed franchises though, so you won’t be getting any Lego Marvel on the tees. Sorry!


While the strength of the Lego subculture is on the rise,it has become a medium unto itself with the release of The Lego Movie in 2014. Subsequently, Lego will be the medium of the next Batman movie, The Lego Batman movie, scheduled to be released in 2017.

The prowess of the Swedish brand is evident is it has sold over 600 billion bricks and has replaced Ferrari as the world’s most powerful brand as determined by Brand Finance.

You can check out the Lego collection here or take a gander at the gallery below!