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Remember that dude we talked about last week? The one who spent a gazillion dollars on cosmetic surgery to look like Squall Leonheart from Final Fantasy? Well apparently, he’s a big fat liar. 

In a recent report by Harian Metro, a supposed acquaintance of the legendary, swaggylicious Miyyo Rizone came out and said that Miyyo has more crap stored in him than the slums of India. The acquaintance, known only as Bella Barbie claims that Miyyo Rizone does not look anything like the images circulating social media.

The following quote from Bella Barbie is translated from Harian Metro:

Miyyo Rizone doesn’t look like that in person. Which is why he doesn’t show up when members of the media invite him to be part of their shows. Besides that, his name isn’t even Amirul Rizwan Musa. I personally followed him for his surgeries, and it definitely did not cost RM 200 000 like he said.

Okay, did we, dumbass members of the media just make some dude famous? I mean we can call him out for being a liar all we want, but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re complete idiots for believing his nonsense. The guy is a genius. A liar? Sure. But a genius nonetheless.

There is a very important question to be asked, though: Should we for crying out loud believe someone whose name is BELLA BARBIE? Then again, shouldn’t have believed someone whose name is MIYYO RIZONE. Then again, again, I call myself DEDPEWL.

Now, I could use my particular set of skills, conduct extensive research and find out if either Mayonaise or Barbie Doll are telling the truth. OR, we could talk about more important stuff like War for the Planet of the Apes and Castlevania. See, if you click on those movie titles, it’ll lead you to some badass reviews written by yours truly, Mr. Dedpewl.