At SDCC 2015, fans of Warcraft were treated with two awesome images that gave the hint of what kind of movie this feature will be. Blizzard Entertainment has very tight control over its creative process which accounts for about eight years in making; since it is first announced back in 2005.


Now, Legendary Pictures have released two exclusive posters for SDCC 2015 – one showing a human knight Sir Anduin Lothar (Travis Kimmel from Vikings) and the other one featuring the orc chieftain Durotan (Tony Kebbell from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) in their full glory. We are pretty sure these two will be the protagonists for the film.


In the game story, Durotan is fighting the corruption within his race as well as battling humans at the same time. Whereas the mournful looking Lothar is surrounded by ashes, perhaps hinting the coming destruction of the human empire in the movie.

Statue of Ogrim at SDCC 2015
Statue of Ogrim at SDCC 2015

Writer/director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) stressed that the film is not making the humans the heroes of the story or vice versa, rather, the story is providing insights into the war from both sides. The heroes and villains are everywhere in both sides of the conflict, perhaps the story is going for realistic shades of grey here.

Confirmed Warcraft cast are Paula Patton (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), Dominic Cooper (Agent Carter), Ruth Negga (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Ben Foster (Lone Survivor), Robert Kazinsky (Pacific Rim), and Clancy Brown (The Flash).

In his Twitter, Duncan Jones said the world will get to see the trailer soon in November. The movie is set for an epic war on 10 June 2016.

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