The Nintendo Switch has only been out for a week, and boy the console has it’s problems. Here’s just some of the problems users have been facing with the Switch and unless Nintendo does something, there might be many, many more.

For starters, the device seems to suffer from multiple problems running the gamut of dead pixels, overheating, bad wifi signal, screen flickering, and the device’s own dock scratching the screen; prompting people to make their own 3D printed stands for the Switch.

There’s also problems with the JoyCon wrist straps getting stuck, connectivity issues on the life side. Not to mention the Switch can easily run out of storage space, given that it only has 32GB onboard memory.

Of course, there’s this supercut video highlighting some of the horrors themselves:

All this despite the fact that the Switch can apparently survive being dropped multiple times, and still function despite being cut with a waterjet. Nintendo already has inconsistency issues with their previous console the Nintendo 3DS, so the sheer amount of problems the Switch is facing doesn’t entirely surprise us.

Have you had any issues with your Nintendo Switch? do share it with us!