Square Enix is expanding its Role Playing line-up with the addition of Valkyria Anatomia: The Origin. The timing of the announcement is a bit odd considering that they’ve had quite a lot on their plate with the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

This is because fans of the video game developers are expecting Square Enix to work on their other RPG franchises including Kingdom Hearts 3, Dissidia or Final Fantasy VII, after the completion of Final Fantasy XV.

For now, there isn’t much information available for the Valkyria Anatomia. What can be found on the teaser website, though, is a logo of the game, which could be Lenneth from the Valkyrie Profile Series.

The information that is available includes those who are involved in the project. Yoshinori Yamagishi a Valkyrie Profile and Ocean Star veteran has been appointed as producer while Moto Sakuraba is on music. As for the game scenario, it will be writteb by Daisuke “Bun-O FUJISAWA” Fujisawa.

Developers’ Square Enix have mentioned that the game is “planned for distribution” in Japan for spring 2016. Although no platform has been confirmed for the release of the game, it is likely to be published on the mobile platform, given Valkyrie Profile’s previous release on the Playstation Portable and Nintendo DS systems.

With so little information on the game, for now, you’ll just have to stay tuned when we get more updates on it.