For those of you too reluctant to fork out money for any gaming console and you call the PC the master of the gaming race, rejoice!

Sega recently tweeted that its famous tactical RPG, Valkyria Chronicles is headed to the  PC soon. Though no set date for the release was mentioned, Sega did promise more details will be revealed .

The game is set in and alternate world called Europa in what looks like our 1930s. War has erupted in Europa and the players are to  command of a militia unit of Gallia, a neutral Europan country that is rich with Ragnite ore, the main source of fuel in the world. When the game starts, Gallia has already been invaded by the militaristic East Europan Imperial Empire, while the Empire itself is at war with the Atlantic Federation.

Valkyria Chronicles was first launched in 2008 as a PS3 exclusive game and it was highly praised and received numerous awards. It even managed to spawn several manga titles and an anime series and two game sequels, which sadly, has never been seen outside Japan.

As an added bonus, we’ve thrown in the PS3 launch trailer below to so you’ll get some hint of nostalgia, and also see just what everyone was raving about back then.

Source: Sega

Image © Sega

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