Fashion brands and video games

So recently, the French fashion label Louis Vuitton and video game giant Square Enix launched their collaboration with each other with the fashion house appointing Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII as their latest model.

It’s telling how far video games have come when a major fashion label appoints a video game character as one of their models. However, although this may be a first (using a video game character as a model), it isn’t the first time a fashion brand has collaborated with the world of video games. Here are a few more fashion and video game collaborations you might not have known off.

Monster Hunter x Uniqlo

monster hunter x uniqlo

When it comes to video game or geek collaboration, the Japanese fashion retailer is no stranger. They’ve done massive collaborations with a variety of anime titles so its no surprise that they’ve done one with a video game title.

The partnership between Uniqlo and Capcom, the publishers of Monster Hunter stretched all the way back in 2010 where special Uniqlo items and outfits were available in game for Monster Hunter characters in Monster Hunter 3. The partnership continued on when Monster Hunter 4 came out but this time, on top of the in-game Uniqlo items, players and fans could now also get actual T-shirts from the Uniqlo store under the companies UT line.

It’s pretty obvious that the partnership worked as in 2014, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Monster Hunter franchise, Uniqlo once again released a new collection of the clothes for their Monster Hunter x UT line.

We’re pretty sure it isn’t the last we’ll see of the line so just keep your eyes peeled as we’re sure a new collection between Uniqlo and Monster Hunter is just coming up on the horizon.