It hasn’t been an easy journey for the organisers of this year’s Video Games Live, and now the concert has been postponed amidst venue problems and other issues that have been plaguing the show. This is on top of problems with ticketing and the apparent almost-cancellation of the show.

The show which was originally supposed to run on 29 August 2015 this Merdeka weekend, has now been pushed to 27 February 2016 to with a yet-unconfirmed venue. The new venue will be announced in three weeks time, according to the organisers 11Pass11. The reason for the sudden postponement is mostly due to there being numerous events surrounding Merdeka 2015, whcih includes the Bersih 4.0 rally which might be held at Bukit Jalil.

In the face of this uncertainty, for the safety of the concert goers the concert has been moved. 11Pass11 will be getting in touch with ticket holders with how to proceed with their tickets, refunds as well as the announcement of the new venue in the near future.

As a sign of apology, 11Pass11 will be giving away limited edition Video Games Live WristBands to ticket holders who do not apply for refunds. Ticket sales are to be temporarily halted and resumed at a later date.