Video Games Live! or VGL as it’s often referred to, is making a comeback to Malaysia after a three year absence.

The show, helmed by video game music composer Tommy Tallarico (Electric Playground, Earthworm Jim, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater) and composer Jack Wall (Jade Empire, Black Ops 2 ,Mass Effect series) is finally going to be on the road again worldwide after coming into some financial difficulties which prompted the organizers to hold two Kickstarters to get it back on it’s feet.

Video Games Live! is essentially a live orchestra performance of some of the world’s most iconic video game music, ranging from classics from the Final Fantasy series to newer tunes from the Skyrim, Dota 2 and World of Warcraft franchises accompanied by video footage with synchronized lighting and effects, sometimes even featuring guest performers from around the globe.

The ticketing details have not yet been confirmed but the VGL tour listing lists down the Malaysian show to be on 29 August 2015, at Putra Indoor Stadium.

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