2. Vampire: The Masquerade vampire the masquerade

What it’s all about:

Before it made its way to the virtual realm, the Vampire: The Masquerade (VtM) series began as a pen and paper role-playing game and was one of the first to use the Storyteller System.

The game is set in a fictional “gothic-punk” version of the modern world and players assume the role of vampires (naturally), also known as Kindreds. Unlike other games that involved vampires where the goal was just to drain the most mortal or kill as many vampire hunters, players had to deal with their characters’ night-to-night struggles against their own bestial natures, vampire hunters and of course other vampires.

The series’ second video game, Bloodlines, was the one that remained closest to the source material’s setting and rules. On launch, Bloodlines was a mess of a game as its release was rushed. Not long after that, its developers, Troika Games shut its doors, meaning there was no one to patch up the numerous problems the game had. But due to its cult status, to this day, fans are still hard at work creating fan-made patches to fix the game and also improve it by adding in extra content. The game had a lot of great things going for it especially in terms of story, lore and characters. So if you love a good RPG, you definitely have to pick this game up during the next Steam sales.

Why it’s perfect for a comic:

If VtM was truly made into a comic series, it will definitely be the one that washes away the nasty taste in our mouths that was the Twilight series. Rest assure, in this series, the vampires do not sparkle under sunlight, instead they turn into ash (like how all vampires really should, unless they’re Blade).

The reason why VtM would make for a great comic series is because of the way it portrays vampires and the social structure they live in. First up, unlike other vampire stories, where one vampire is pretty much the same as the next, VtM’s vampires come from 13 different clans/bloodlines. Each clan has traits and even looks that differ from other clans. For example, the Nosferatu are deformed vampires who usually operate in the shadows and live in the sewers while the Toreadors have supermodel good looks and revel in being a part of the human world. Besides, these 13 clans, there’s also the Kindreds of the East and Ebony Kingdom, who also have their very own uniqueness.

With the fact above alone, a writer can use it to show how different vampires from different clans interact and what they think of each other. But adding on to the clans, much like in the Fables series, where the fairy tale folks have their very own governing body, the vampires in VtM also have a hierarchy and its set of rules and regulations that they follow. The most important being blending in with the rest of world and this can be an element that is explored deeper in the comics. Besides clans, there are also countless factions/sects in the VtM world and they all vie for power thus are a highly manipulative bunch and are always ready to stab each other in the back.

For a comic based on VtM to work, it’ll have to cater to adults as usually when it comes to vampires, a lot of violence, nudity and sex comes along with them. The story can be played out in so many different ways it can either follow a fledgling’s rise to power in a faction or a look at a new prince’s history and how he copes with managing his “kingdom”.