3. Payday


What it’s all about:

If you thought Payday was a game where you sit around waiting to cash cheques, you’re absolutely wrong. The Payday series is a cooperative first-person shooter game where a team of up to four players are tasked to conduct heists and criminal activities such as bank robberies, drug trafficking runs, rigging elections and more.

While most multiplayer games have an emphasis on teamwork, Payday really requires players to communicate with each other as they all have to be on the same page when it comes to conducting their heists. In a typical bank robbery scenario, two players will have to get bystanders to remain quiet and calm so that they don’t alert the cops, while the other two have to set up a drill to get into the main vault and loot safe boxes. If a single player decides to go gallivanting and not work on the task they are assigned to do, things can go downhill very quickly.

Why it’s perfect for a comic:

Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, a Payday comic will have to be a heist comic and while that may sound boring at first, as you’re probably thinking there’s only so many ways a heist can go, hear me out.

The game may be a little limited in terms of storyline and character development, but a comic series can easily remedy that. It can easily explore the history of the four main characters Dallas, Houston, Chains and Wolf and show readers what made them get into the “business” and how they got together. A writer can then develop the characters even more and show us what their characters are like because in the game, they may have backstories but they are blank slates as the skills they wield are decided by the players.

When it comes to the heists, they can be so much more epic when compared to the game. Think the opening heist sequence that the Joker pulls in The Dark Knight. For that matter, the comics can also draw inspiration from movies like The Italian Job, The Thomas Crown Affair and other awesome heist movies. The heists have to be filled with twists and suspense to really draw readers in, because if it went down like the game, it’ll get stale pretty fast.

Throw in a slew of different locales, rival heist teams that go after the same prize, police informants, moles, traitors and maybe a seriously badass cop that is tasked to take them down and it’ll definitely be a thrill to read.