6. Brütal Legendbrutal legend

What it’s all about:

Brütal Legend is a game that was created by the brilliant Tim Schafer and Doubel Fine Studios. It is a third-person action/adventure game that was created for the heavy metal fans who were looking for something a little different compared to rhythm games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. While its main focus was action/adventure, the game also had a real-time strategy element to it as certain stages require players to create an army to battle an invading force.

The story revolves around a roadie named Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black), who is transported into a different world that is inspired by everything heavy metal. The sky is blood red and the open world, which is approximately 40 square miles is littered with skulls and spikes. Some notable names in the heavy metal music industry such as Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister and Rob Halford also make appearances in the game.

Why it’s perfect for a comic:


(Spoiler alert!) Seeing as the game ended on a cliffhanger as Eddie leaves the friends he made and drives off into the sunset to quote, complete a few errands. While there was a sequel planned, it has reportedly been cancelled, so this actually gives writers full control of what happens to Eddie during his journey after the events of the game.

The comic series can explore where Eddie headed off to. The game world was huge and can easily be larger. The comics can explore places that weren’t featured in the comics and that means artists can create a whole new look with interesting flora and fauna to populate this world. Instead of just relying the heavy metal theme of skulls and spikes, maybe the comics can even be about how Eddie gets transported to different worlds that are inspired by other genres of music such as a more colourful world of hip-hop that has plenty of graffiti-esque artwork or an Electronic Dance World where the world is just filled with neon lights. Once again, possibilities here are endless.

In addition to the new world, there’s also plenty of room for the comic to introduce new characters that are actually cameos of renowned heavy metal and rock musicians. One of the best ones would be casting the likes of Marilyn Manson or even Rob Zombie as the next antagonist and maybe throw in the whole Slipknot crew into the mix as a “knights of the roundtable” like crew that helps Eddie out in his quest to rid whatever plagues the lands. As mentioned before, it doesn’t just have to be heavy metal and rock musicians though, the comics can also play around with notable figures such as actors and actress or athletes that are known to be heavy metal fans such as Michael Fassbender, Jim Carrey and even Cameron Diaz.

As for the story, it really doesn’t have to stray very far away from the game but of course, it shouldn’t be too similar. Much like the games, it has to retain the humour and of course darkness to the comics.

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