The e-sports scene

We’ve heard of some colleges actually offering courses that will groom you into an eSports champion, and one such program has finally hit our shores here in Malaysia.

Those looking to get an actual certification in the art of fragging, can head over to Asia Pacific University (APU) who is offering eSports certs. Classes officially start in May and they have released pricing for the whole shebang, which will set you back about RM2,730 for all three levels, inclusive of the registration fee.

The university’s eSports program targets four games, namely Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and FIFA 17.

However, it turns out you still need a lick of skill to join the course as they have a minimum skill requirement, depending on the game. For example, here’s the requirements for CS:GO:

The course promises that students will learn critical thinking, problem solving and co-operation, the usual stuff. Fees are a little different depending on whether or not you’re a secondary school student, but aside from them, it scales up as you get more advanced.

However, if you are adequately ranked, you can skip levels, but that’s by no means easy. They’ll be wanting more than just a screenshot too, as the university will actually evaluate you gaming prowess to see if it matches up with your claims. Who said gaming was a walk in the park?

Last but not least, the course runs on weekends only, so those 12 weeks is not full-time classes. Maybe it’s done that way purposely so it’s more accessible, but that’s just our guess at this point. Given that this is the first intake of such a course, we’re not sure if it will actually help our burgeoning eSports scene, but we’ll see where this goes from here.