Wanna get your hands on some awesome board games and fun during this holiday season? KotakCon is the place for you!

So what is KotakCon? it’s basically a celebration of creativity, fun and local talent. It’s also a convention where you get to try out some awesome board games while supporting the Malaysian Care charity who will receive 30% of the proceeds in support of their iMad campaign. The event will be running at Publika on the 26-27 December.

There will also be local vendors showcasing their wares, and you can snag board games from the con itself or talk to local artists, boardgame designers, all of which will be at the event.

Here’s some of the vendors that will be at Kotakon 2.0!

KDU Game Development
Vive snack by Vie Verte
Kalvintaka ART Studio
Malaysian Care
The Kinder Soap Company
– Class Society
Art Sowers

The entry fee for the event is just RM10, where you will be able to enter a play area (pay per entry) where you can play till the sun goes down! There’s space for miniature wargaming (think Warhammer 40k, Star Wars X-Wing miniatures) as well as a boardgames space. You’ll also get to enjoy Dungeons & Dragons as well as other RPGS hosted by the RolePlaying Gamers of Malaysia – RPGMY.

Here’s the event schedule:

 You can check out the event page here for more details, hope to see you there!