Now this would look great in our living room
Now this would look great in our living room

The 7 Elevens in other countries sometimes carry really cool stuff. Well Japan has decided to top every other country by offering a gigantic EVA Unit-01 statue for purchase.

Yes you read that right, we said statue not your measly little figurines. How big is this monstrosity? It measures at 2-metres tall, now how’s that for big. It’s not cheap either as this particular piece cost a whopping 1.86 million yen (RM57,600). 7 Eleven is offering the EVA Unit-01 in two different colour schemes, its original anime colours and another in 7 Eleven colours.

Of course you won’t be seeing rows of these statues lining up in every single Japanese 7 Eleven stores. Instead, these statues are only limited to 25 pieces and you can’t just buy it from a store and bring it back immediately. Instead you have to go through a purchasing process which includes filling up some forms and registering and the nearest JAPANESE 7 Eleven, making a bank transfer and waiting about 4 weeks for a crew to assemble the statue in your home. For RM57,600 we’d expect at least delivery and assembly from 7 Eleven so good on them.

Don’t have that kind of money? 7 Eleven also has a giveaway campaign which will let participants have a chance to win either one of each colour. How nice it’ll be if we were living in Japan right now with that amount of cash. We think that the statue will be a perfect addition to our office reception area.

Source: Kotaku