The banner of the school
The banner of the school

Being a Pro-gamer is still not a conventional job in most parts of the world maybe except Asia. Now you can study on how to be an e-Sport master in formal education setting in Japan.

The e-Sports scene is growing bigger and bigger by the year, as evidenced by 71,500,000 estimated viewers in 2013 alone. Few weeks ago, Malaysian government recognized e-sports as a formal sport and one of the biggest Dota2 competitions is being held in the Malaysian capital too. The International 2014 have a cash prize pool of US$10 million with the winning team from China (Newbee) walking away with a sweet US$5 million, underscoring the explosive growth of the sports.

In some of the regions (especially in Europe) being a pro-gamer is still seen as a hobby and not as an accepted full time job but not in Asia. In Asia (China, Korea & Japan) being a pro-gamer is a pretty cool job and able to make a decent living. A formal educational school decided that they will start an educational curriculum for aspiring gamers in Japan to learn how to be a real professional e-Sport gamer – managing teams, seeking sponsors and hooking up the right team members, the technicality behind the gaming scenes, editing the recorded videos and other necessary skills to be a bona fide pro-gamer.

The school is located in Tokyo ( Japanese fluency is a must if you want to be a student there) and is called the Tokyo School of Anime.

Yes, school of anime.

The first semester of the e-Sport class starts in September 2015 and interested applicant(s) able to find all the information about the course on the admissions page. Check out their page after this article.

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Via: Tokyo School of Anime

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