One of our iconic childhood shows is making a comeback!

For most of us growing up, Animaniacs was one of those 90’s cartoon shows that everyone has seen at least once, next to Ducktales and other similar shows. It was silly fun and when the show was brought over to Netflix it was like a second chance to experience those gags all over again.

Now, Warner Bros wants to reboot the series, and they’ve got Amblin Television and Steven Spielberg (!) working on the new show.

The new show is still in its early stages of development, but 90’s show revivals seem to be quite the in thing over the last few years (Voltron: Legendary Defender being one of them) so we’re pretty hyped.

If you’re don’t remember it, this might jog your memory:

We don’t quite know when they’re planning on releasing it, but hopefully it’ll still capture some of the magic of the original at the very least.