At E3 2015, Firaxis brought a gameplay demo of the highly anticipated XCOM 2. The ten minute clip showcases the new setting of the franchise which happens 20 years after the humanity surrendered to the superior alien force.

The mission takes place in an urban area where we can see a troop of heavily armed force called the Advent guarding a press conference. The event said to commemorate the Unification Day, the day where Earth governments capitulated 20 years ago. The XCOM unit, now functioning as a guerrilla force, seeks out and destroys the symbol of the Unification Day – a statue.

While the Advent is delivering a message of peace and hope, enhancing humans via alien technology through their “generosity”. The crowd looks happy with the event, cheering on but there is a sense of unease on the air. Then things go haywire.

Few new combat features are shown in the demo. Namely melee weapons, flying combat drone and new stealth system that allows XCOM operatives to sneak in without rousing any aggro or suspicion from the enemy. The lighting and animations, especially the death animation looks awesome and vastly improved over the original. Death and brutality ramped up considerably here too.

The video ends with an XCOM operator assisting a comrade and popping a flare to call for extraction. A Sky Ranger coming to the rescue and the XCOM operators escaped with it while the enemy closing in fast.

We can barely wait for the game to be launched in November.

via 2k Games Youtube

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