Update: We’ve also included the red-band trailer in as well. Prepare for some F-Bombs!

It’s a trailer release party today. First, the new Power Rangers trailer dropped not even a couple of minutes ago, and now, a new Logan trailer has been released as well. This time, we get to see a lot more of Laura or X-23 and boy is she a badass.

While the previous Logan trailer was mainly focused on Charles Xavier and highlighting how old, worn and weathered our favourite X-Man, Wolverine, has become, not much was actually really shown about the young charge he has to protect in the movie, Laura or X-23.

In the new trailer, though, we get to see X-23 in almost her full glory. Dafne Keen, who plays the young mutant, seems to fit very well in the role. See her transition from an innocent looking kid, to full on killer mode. And boy does she get that Logan/Wolverine brooding look just right.

As many X-Men fans know, X-23 is a lot like Wolverine, with enhanced healing factor and retractable claws. While in the comics, there’s been a lot of back story on how she came to be (TLDR version: X-23 = Female Wolverine clone), we’re still not too sure how much of that backstory is gonna be brought forward into the movie.

Whatever it is, though, the new Logan trailer just makes us even more impatient for it to hit the big screens. Here’s hoping that this movie isn’t going to end up the same way as the previous two Wolverine movies that were made. After all, we did put it in our 30 must watch Blockbuster movie list for 2017.