Isao Machii

Isao Machii is the famous modern day kensai (sword saint) who is capable of performing almost anime-like cutting skills with the katana, is considered by many as one of the finest swordmasters in the modern day Japan. This has earned him the nickname of Heisei Samurai or Modern Samurai.

Witness his latest godlike feat as he attempts to slice a baseball that is launched towards him from a pitching machine at speeds of 160 kmph or 100 mph. After letting two free pitches pass so he can make calculations for distance, speed and focus, he performs an iaido skill (fast draw) at blistering speed. And incredibly, he successfully slices the ball into perfect halves.

Isao Machii was placed only 9.22 meters (30.24 ft) from the pitching machine so it is simply insane to think how he’s able to perform a draw and slice at this distance. In the video below, most of us can’t even catch the flying ball with our naked eye.

Holy crap.

You can check out his incredible feat in the video below.