Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt is one of the most anticipated anime and it’s no surprise that many fans out there are lapping up as many clips that they can find. We’ve got a treat for you as the first 3-minutes of the anime series has been released online and you can watch it here.

The Bandai Channel recently begin streaming the clip on their site and Youtube channel. Unfortunately though, both the links above have been region locked to Japan. Don’t sweat it as we’ve managed to find a Daily Motion version of the clip that isn’t region locked so you can get some sweet, sweet Gundam action.

The new Gundam  anime is based of Yasuo Ohtagaki’s manga of the same name. It’ll be an OVA with four episodes with the first episode scheduled for digital release on Christmas day, 25 December, 12pm Japan time.

Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt is set during the One Year War in UC 0079, the same time as the original Mobile Suit Gundam anime series. It chronicles the battles between two ace pilots, each from the Federation and Zeon, in the “Thunderbolt Sector,” a shoal zone with numerous wrecks of space colonies and warships. The Zeon ace pilot, Daryl Lorentz, also happens to be a double amputee.

So sit back and enjoy the clip of one of the most anticipated Gundam anime for the year. As a bonus we’re also including the advertisement of the anime that Bandai has also just released.