VPN artwork

Some of you have probably heard of a VPN, some of you have probably not. A VPN, or a virtual private network, to give it its complete name, and it allows you to facilitate a secure and anonymous connection to another network, via the internet.

Basically, it allows you to “piggy back” onto another IP address, and then browse the internet on it, therefore keeping you anonymous. It can also be used for accessing content that may be region restricted, as well as hiding your activity if you are using a public network such as Wi-Fi.

VPNs are great for when you want to watch a film and series, but cannot because it is restricted in your country. If you are using a smart TV, you can even get a VPN for that and you can find details on how to manage an easy installation of a VPN for Fire Stick and Fire TV here which will point you in the right direction. But what other uses does a VPN have? Let’s see!


Think Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube- how many times have you tried to stream your favourite film, or the new episode of your favourite series, only to find out that its not available in your country? Well with a fast VPN, you won’t have to deal with that frustration anymore! With a VPN you can “trick” the streaming provider into thinking you are in the same country as them, and therefore gain access to whatever you like!

Download Files

Now, we know that downloading films and music is illegal in most territories, but let’s face it, people are still going to do it. If you are one of those people, it is always good idea to protect yourself and ensure that your identity and location is hidden, that way you are less likely to get into trouble with any over-zealous authorities.

Using public WIFI in confidence

matrix like artworkDid you know that when you use public WIFI or a shared hotspot, your email and browsing is vulnerable to prying eyes? This is because it offers no security, and if anyone has a bit of technological know-how, they can easily penetrate your system and hijack your private information. If you use a VPN, they cannot do this as all of your internet usage will be totally encrypted and private. If you regularly use public WIFI then a VPN is a great investment.

Avoid Surveillance

If you are in a country such as Saudi Arabia, China, or Turkey, then you will know already that not only are your moves on the internet monitored, but you cannot access lots of sites. These range from social media platforms, to news sites, and even to Wikipedia! With a VPN you can access these sites and remain totally anonymous and untraceable if any authority is trying to keep tabs on you.