After the roaring success of Disney‘s Into the Woods, they’ve decided to make a film adaptation for the popular Broadway show Wicked, with a set target for 2016 release.

Into the Woods producer Mark Platt, who also produced the original Broadway production for Wicked, told Film Divider what is to come:

[A 2016 release date] is the goal, but I don’t know whether we’ll make that goal or not. We will make the movie, but like I said, the bar is really high. We’re going to scrutinise our work on the screenplay and our prep on the movie, and when we feel like it’s ready, okay. We’re not going to shoot a release date is what I’m saying. It’s in the works, it’s not in a rush. It took 27 years to make Into the Woods into a film from its original stage production, and 30 years with Les Mis. Some things take time for a reason.

wicked movie_1

Winnie Holzman (My So-Called Life, Huge) is writing the screenplay and Stephen Daldry (Billy Elliot, The Reader, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close) is set to direct. The cast hasn’t yet been announce but Lea Michelle is a fan favourite choice to play Elphaba, star of the story.

Wicked made its debut in 2003 with cast including Kristin Chenoweth and Frozen star idina Menzel, and has been going strong ever since. The story is basically a prequel to The Wizard of Oz, showcasing the school years of Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West.

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