The Inventors Fair in Ghirapur is in full swing, but this event of innovation and invention was not all that it seemed. The Consulate has begun its crackdown on both the inventors and the populace, discontent is on the rise and a revolt is at hand…

So we’d like you to get involved in what could be Kaladesh’s biggest rebellion ever; with some brand new Magic the Gathering decks and boosters to be given away!

Can you take the heat? if so then these prizes could be yours:

1st prize:

  • 1x Nissa Nature’s Artisan deck
  • 1x Ajani Valiant Protector deck
  • 2x Aether Revolt Boosters

2nd prize

  • 1x Chandra Pyrogenius deck
  • 1x Tezzeret Master of Metal deck
  • 1x Aether Revolt Booster

3rd prize

  • 1x Eldritch moon intro pack
  • 1x booster pack

Consolation prizes:

  • 2x Aether Revolt Booster (three prizes)

The giveaway will run from 20 February up till 10 March, so don’t delay, these packs and boosters await!

Just fill up the contest form below and stand a chance to snag these awesome prizes: