As a geek we’re pretty sure that many of you have a pretty decent collection of anime, manga and TV series squirelled away in your PC or notebook. We certainly have, in fact we’ve even catalogued them meticulously by series, season and even type.

There’s a problem though. With Gigabytes and Terabytes of video, manga and more, keeping them all in your PC or notebook, isn’t exactly a good idea. Should anything untoward happens, well lets just say that years of your collections might just go up in smoke one day.

Which is why having a good backup plan is essential. And how do you do that? Well with Western Digital, your backup worries will be easily solved. With Western Digital’s (WD) consumer storage line-up, you’ll be able to easily keep all those anime, manga and TV series of yours safe.

With solutions like the WD My Book and WD My Passport Ultra, you can easily backup all your digital geek loot with little to no hassle. That’s thanks in part to WD’s own SmartWare Pro solution that comes with these devices. You can choose where to backup your stuff as well as how. Choose from automatic, continuous backup or scheduled backup so you don’t really have to do anything. Instead SmartWare Pro will run quietly in the background and backs up your files every time you add or change and save a file. How simple is that?

Now we’re giving a chance to own these awesome WD products. And all you have to do is join this contest. So whats up for grabs? Well we have three prizes to give out and they are:

First Prize: 1 x 4TB WD My Book  

2 x 2nd Prize: 1 x 1TB WD My Passport Ultra Metal Edition

And how do you win it? Actually it’s quite simple… if you’re an Otaku. Here’s how:


How to Join the Contest

1. We have five 10 second sound clips of opening themes taken from five well known anime below. Listen to all five.

2. Identify the anime which the theme songs are from (don’t worry it isn’t really hard). Once you’ve figured them out fill out this entry form here with your answers as well as your personal details.

3. For a tie breaker you have to complete this slogan in less than 20 words:

I need an awesome Western Digital storage solution because……..

4. Click submit and you’re all set to win.

5. Do all this by 11.59pm, 5 June 2015, which is when the contest ends.

6. We will be announcing the winners on 12th June 2015 via email.

*Terms and conditions apply

Simple right?


So here are the five clips you’ll need to listen to:

1. Song number 1

2. Song number 2

3. Song number 3

4. Song number 4

5. Song number 5


So what are you waiting for? Time to dig deep into that Otaku brain of yours and figure out these tunes now.

For more information about Western Digital’s products and storage solutions, head over to

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