Two months ago, The Simpsons was staring at a big problem when one of the veteran voice actors, Harry Shearer was unable to reach an agreement with Fox and called it quits. It is a big issue since the said actor voiced at least 50 percent of the characters in the series – from the evil corporate boss Mr. Burns to the well meaning but annoying neighbour Ned Flanders.

The latest development saw the series get back on track when the actor made a new deal with Fox to return to the show for the 27/28th season. Fox issued an official statement regarding about this:

Following the announcement of THE SIMPSONS’ renewal for an unprecedented 27th and 28th seasons, FOX is proud to confirm that each and every member of the iconic series’ voice cast will be returning in the roles they’ve brought to life since the show’s beginnings as a series of animated shorts nearly 30 years ago.”

We are not really sure who blinked first in the standoff but surely the actor managed to extract some concessions from the network for his return since the contract that he just signed is more or less the same that he rejected back in May. The pay for the voice actors of the series is reported to be around US$300,000 per episode so it is pretty big deal.

Meanwhile, this season of The Simpsons teased new development of the story such as possible marriage problem(s) between Homer and Marge and Sideshow Bob finally getting to kill Bart in episode “Treehouse of Horror 26”.

The new season (Season 27) is slated for airing in late 2015.

via THR

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