Full steam ahead boys!
Full steam ahead boys!

Wargaming announced the closed beta for F2P naval simulation game, World of Warships has already completed its deployment and the open beta is streaming ahead for worldwide ship captains now. We also got a new trailer showcasing what you can do in the game in a truly multiplayer MMO/co-op mayhem.

Credits are the main in-game currency, and enables players to buy ships, shells, modules and upgrades for their ships. Just like World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, special premium ships can be purchased with gold, the in-game currency can also be bought with real world money transactions. Clans can occupy different sections of ocean and will need ports to house or deploy the ships. Clans can engage each other for control of ocean sector or ports.

According to the developer, 400,000 players already signed up and played the closed beta. The open beta featuring 80 warships of all sizes from USA, Japan, UK and Russia across 10 maps that able to accommodate up to 12 vs 12 player online matches.

The game was praised for a more strategic and thoughtful gameplay than World of Tanks and being much more polished than World of Warplanes. It is considered as a great experience in age of pre-guided missile era in naval conflict circa World War 2.

The game now includes achievements and it is  available only for PC. However, there will be no torpedo boats or submarines in this game. Boo.

Source: World of Warship

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