The iconic couple of the series
The iconic couple of the series
The iconic couple of the series

UPDATE: FOX announced that the game is on with six episodes with Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson on board.

Not long ago, co-chairman of FOX, Gary Newman talked about the network’s effort to revive the old science fiction series The X-Files for a new season. Not only that, it is reported that the two main stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are available for the revival plus the creator of the show himself, Chris Carter is on board too. Previously, FOX stated that they will not go forward with the franchise if Chris Carter is not in the project.

According to TV Wise, the channel is close to clinching a deal with the parties involved to create six to eight episodes of the revived series.

FOX is hoping to get the filming start by this summer since it is fits into working schedules of the intended two main stars. The short series will enable the creator, Chris Carter to wrap up the open ending left by the last X-Files movie while at the same time gauging the interest of the series with the current TV watchers. He will write for every episode while serving as the executive producer of the project.

What’s more, Mitch Pileggi who playing the role of Walter Skinner is expected to make a comeback for this series too. Judging from the success of the revived 24, hopefully, the positive pattern will be repeated for The X-Files.

Source: TV Wise & IGN

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