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The FOX network released another trailer for X-Files titled “Are You Ready for this?”

The six episode revival series is already generating lots of buzz among the fans and this trailer should give more hints as to what kinda story feel will be. Most of the footage in the trailer looks reused before except for the last part where the main duo exchange some comments with each other.

Mulder: “Are you ready for this, Scully?

Scully: “I don’t know that there’s a choice.

Gillian Anderson hinted a more “intense” season 10 ahead and it does seem that the crew behind the show – led by Chris Carter is putting in tons of effort to honour the series past. New cast members like Robbie Amell (The Flash), Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under, Robot Chicken) and Joel McHale (Community) will breathe the fresh air into the series whereas old timers like Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) and the enigmatic Cigarette Smoking Man (William B.Davis) are back to keep the mythology alive for the old fans. There are even rumours that The Lone Gunmen (Dean Haglund) might be back.

Chris Carter also hinted on how much different the world has become since the conclusion of the franchise years ago:

The X-Files ended right after 9/11. A lot has happened since then. A lot of rollback of rights and liberties in the name of our protection. We’re being spied on now, we’re being lied to — all things that, for me, remind me of when I grew up, which was right around Watergate. I think we’re in similar and much more dire times right now.

The X-Files revival series set to search for the truth on Sunday, 24 January 2016.


Source: FOX Youtube

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