For the longest time, the X-Men comics and their adaptations have been a reflection of real world bigotry such as racism and anti-LGBT movements. About a month ago, I wrote an in-depth analysis on how the mutants in the X-Men film franchise are a reflection of the real world LGBT community. Check it out HERE. As it turns out, the new X-Men TV series titled The Gifted will be focusing on bigotry as well.  

In an interview with Den of Geek, Emma Dumont, who plays Lorna Dane/Polaris had this to say:

I’m going to say straight-up you guys, our show’s about bigotry. I’m sorry, but we see it in the first scene when Blink’s running for her life and a cop could easily kill her dead with zero consequences, because of prejudice. Because of prejudging her for something people are uncomfortable with, that they don’t understand, because people are born with this thing, and that is literally where we live.

Dumont even went on to say that this series’ primary filming location served as an inspiration to the cast.

It is heartbreaking, but I hope this show throws up a mirror on society. We love filming in Georgia, because it was such a big part of the civil rights movement in the United States, and yeah our mutant underground is based on the underground railroad. I mean, we aren’t trying to hide it, we’re not being cool. We’re being like, for real, these are the issues we want to talk about.

The Gifted will hit small screens in October.