Microsoft recently announced a pretty huge feature for the Xbox, you can now have cross-network play; meaning you should be able to play against gamers on the PS4 and the PC!

They’ve been hinting at this for awhile, and developers building games for the Xbox One and Windows 10 will be able to support said feature but it needs Sony and other brands to join in for the games to be playable across Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

One of the first titles to support this would be Rocket League, but there’s an open invitation for other networks to participate too. If devs and the console folks can get behind this, it will really change the landscape of gaming.

At the moment, people on console are restricted to playing games on the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live; with many choosing based on which platforms their friends are currently on.

Of course those with a mouse and keyboard will have advantages over those with a gamepad for FPS games (its a long standing argument) but we’re sure that the developers will find some way to balance it all out for cross-network play.

Til then, we hope the cross-network play for Rocket League sets the stage for whats to come.