Yandere Simulator, a PC action game that’s currently in development has joined Twitch’s list of banned games.

The reason why the game has been blacklisted is mostly due to it portraying a lot of self destructive behaviour, harassment, gore and sexually explicit content. Most of the games who are on Twitch’s blacklist (like Huniepop for example) exhibit one of these traits.

Despite its name, Yandere Simulator is a stealth game and follows the trope of the yandere stalking her male crush “senpai”. The game however allows you to take down rival girls in brutal ways, and you can pay for information by mailing panty shots to certain parties in the game.

Yandere Simulator is already an oft mentioned game on YouTube despite having yet been officially released, and regularly involves its fanbase in making decisions for future game content.

If you want to check it our for yourself, a debug build of the game is available as a free download, with the actual release likely to only hit in 2018.