Kingdom Manga to end at vol 100

Yasuhisa Hara, creator of the Kingdom manga series is considering ending the series when it hits its hundreth volume. The most recent issue at number 40, ships 19 October.

He also said in an interview that the manga could reach 80 volumes and that the story might be at a halfway point. He wants to try portraying the idea that humanity tends to perpetuate war in the name of peace, but doing that might make the series end at 100 volumes instead.

For those not in the know, Kingdom depicts a tumultuous time in China’s history, namely the 5th century Warring States period. The story centers around the slave boy Xin who wants to become a great general for the state of Qin. He aids the young Qin king Ying Zheng to rise to power and shares his desire to unify China. The manga pretty much follows this rise to power and commanding an army to defeat the Seven Warring States. The manga has been running since 2006 in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump magazine.

Kingdom also has two anime series which premiered in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

The manga has a Guinness World Record for the “Manga Written by the Most People” by having 1,000 fans and celebrities redraw the 26th volume, no easy feat.

So will he actually end it there? we’ll have to see as the manga is still a very long way off from completion.