The elusive Ditto has just gone live on Pokemon GO, and we’ve already had some peeps here manage to catch it.

Catching Ditto isn’t a difficult affair but there’s a special twist to this Pokemon. First off, it doesn’t appear as Ditto on the map but instead masquerades as a different Pokemon. Only after you’ve captured it, will it reveal itself.

Given Ditto’s status as a transforming Pokemon, this doesn’t entirely surprise us.

So far it’s been reported to disguise itself as a Rattata, Pidgey, Spearow and Magikarp, but the full extent of its disguises are currently unknown to us.

ditto transform

On top of that, Ditto has a rather special ability. When used in Gym battles, Ditto will copy the moves of the Pokemon it’s battling.

Have you caught you own Ditto yet? (I still haven’t, and I’m almost out of Pokeballs) let us know in the comments!