Fallout 4 is launching in just a couple of weeks, but fans will be pleased that you will be able to irradiate your taste buds with these official soft drinks…if you happen to live in the US.

Announced via the Fallout 4 official Twitter page, you will be able to get actual Nuka-Cola Quantum from Target starting this fall. This is on top of Carlsberg producing Fallout Beer, but that’s exclusive to the UK but you can check it out on Amazon if you feel so inclined.

The Nuka-Cola Quantum drink is the result of a partnership with Bethesda and Jones Soda, who has a history of making some pretty weird drinks (including their themed holiday packs) so the partnership does make a lot of sense.

The beverage appears to be the the brand’s berry lemonade flavour repackaged but it does look remarkably similar to the real deal. Aside from the glowing bit anyway.

fallout 4 nuka cola quantum

So you won’t be getting a brand new flavour for this, but at least you won’t have to worry about your pee glowing in the dark or harboring excessive radiation. We do wonder if this will be brought in by any local distributors (or grey importers) but we’re not betting our caps on it.

Nuka-Cola Quantum will be available at target starting 10 November, the same day Fallout 4 launches.