youtubelogoGoogle recently announced that their popular video streaming platform YouTube now supports 360 degree video, both for watching and for upload.

For now the videos are only watchable via their Android app and through embedded videos in Chrome but Google says iOS support is coming in the near future.

Basically this allows you to experience the video by clicking and dragging to pan the video (on desktop) or pan around by moving around your device if you are watching it on mobile, which is a much more intuitive and fun way to enjoy them. No word yet on whether these will be supported by VR devices like the Oculus rift but it would only make sense if they are.

Google has also made it easier for upload to YouTube as they have provided a script you can run to make sure your camera has the correct metadata, with them working towards making the process automatic in the future.

At the moment there are only a small handful of those videos exist but now that support is live more will come with time, these being the closest you can get to virtual reality without a headset.

via Android Authority

source Youtube Creator Blog

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