5. So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause

Trans Pacific Partnership liberty

The biggest problem with the TPPA is that it was all negotiated behind closed doors. Now it just needs to be passed into law by the governments of each country and the full text of the document is still a secret. All we have to go on is leaked sections obtained and released by Wikileaks. There’s not much chance for the citizens of those nations, you included, to take a look and have their say on they think about all this.

I mean, usually nothing bad happens when unsupervised groups people get together make plans affecting millions of people with no oversight or responsibility, right?

Oh... oh dear...
Oh… oh dear…

An even bigger worry is that if the TPPA does become law across the region, what’s next?

Could this style of secret negotiation, affecting the lives and livelihoods of millions of people, in service to the greater corporate good become the new de facto standard? Could further legislation be steamrollered across the Pacific Rim?

Who knows?

We certainly hope not. Otherwise it might lead to even more Phantom Menace based visual puns here on the site, and NO ONE wants that!