Most of us would remember reading localised Japanese comics like Dragon Ball, Sin Chan, One Piece and Bleach in Bahasa Malaysia.

The publishing giant responsible for those comics has sadly closed its doors recently, ending its 21 year run.

Comics House started in 1995, having translated more than 50 manga titles starting with Dragon Ball all those years ago. If you’ve read any BM translated comics, you’ve probably bought at least one of their titles, released monthly.

Comics House didn’t even announce their closure, with people only finding out much later. There’s no officially announced cause for its demise, but it’s been speculated it’s due to a rise in operational costs.

I personally read a lot of those comics as a kid, heading over to one of the local small-time stores in my hometown to pick up a copy almost every month. In fact, it was thanks to these comics that I brushed up a lot on my BM!

Granted there were some errors here and there but hey, we were kids, and we didn’t care. I still think I have a couple of their comics stashed away somewhere.

At any rate, thanks Comic House for all the fond memories, rest in peace.