Looks like Malaysia has been running a clean streak though the competition in Blizzard’s Hearthstone Global Games! The Hearthstone Global Games has been running since 11 April and will culminate in a finale where teams worldwide will face down with the best of the best.

So far Malaysia has been running with clean wins (4-0) in Group F, where the only other teams to have a clean sheet thus far are Ukraine and the US team. As it is, it already looks like Team Malaysia is going for the gold, and we’re pretty much guaranteed a spot in the group of 24 brackets!

As the tourney goes, it starts with 48 teams, which then runs down to 24, then 16 teams before the top four go toe to toe in the finals.

This win is significant for Malaysia as they were considered the underdog team in Group F with Canada favoured to dominate the group. However, as of this morning, Malaysia has come up on top, beating the group favourites and maintaining a clean sheet win in all the matches they’ve had so far. With only one more match to go and no losses, Malaysia is already confirmed for the group of 24 stage in the Hearthstone Global Games. Now all Malaysia has to do is win their next game and they’ll have a perfect win score for group F.

Hearthstone Global Games Malaysia Team
Team Malaysia for the Hearthstone Global Games

It’s still a long way more though until the end of the Hearthstone Global Games with stage 1 ending on 11 June and Malaysia still has quite a number of teams to go head-to-head with before it can reach the final four. However, this is an awesome start for the team and hopefully, they’ll keep the momentum going in Stage 2!

The Hearthstone Global Games is the first time Blizzard is running a team league based tournament for Hearthstone. Want to know more? You can keep track of the standings here or watch competition footage here.