This time around, Superman‘s grandfather will take on the leading role for Krypton, as the series will follow his struggle to bring order to the House of El. Don’t expect any crime fighting adventure in this series as the official synopsis states that Krypton takes place in the past, at a time when the House of El was shamed and ostracised. The drama follows the Man of Steel’s grandfather as he brings hope and equality to the planet Krypton, turning a world that’s in disarray into one worthy of giving birth to the greatest superhero ever known.

The series will delve deeper into the Superman mythology as it takes the story back to his home planet. Series creator David S. Goyer revealed that the story takes place 200 years before the events in Man of Steel.

Krypton will be receiving a period piece treatment as the creator will emphasise the cultures on the planet by modelling it after the ones on Earth. The series will also shed light on the politics, art and various guilds that existed in planet Krypton.

SyFy has ordered the pilot of the series with Damian Kindler of Sleepy Hollow fame appointed as its show runner. Krypton‘s creator Goyer will also take on the role of producer and writer for the series. The writer/producer is no stranger to the world of DC as he has written a significant number of DC-based movies including, Man of Steel.

In the Superman comics, there was a miniseries titled  “The World of Krypton” released in the late 1980’s that introduced Kal-El’s grandfather, named Seyg-El. However, there it hasn’t been confirmed whether the series would keep the name.