Rainbow prata 2

Imagine putting a little colour into your regular mamak fare. Sounds ridiculous right? Apparently, this Banana Leaf Rice food stall in Singapore doesn’t think so with its latest offering, Rainbow roti canai (or prata as they’d call it there).

This colourful take on the regular mamak staple is the brainchild of the Banana Leaf Pork Briyani food stall, which as its name implies, a non-halal banana leaf food stall. It’s situated in the Woodlands industrial area of Singapore, which isn’t too far from JB (that is if you’re willing to brave the causeway traffic).

Only the regular canai/prata and egg canai/prata comes in these colourful hues, which at the moment are only limited to the colours green, blue and pink, though the stall owner does have plans to introduce more colours in the near future.

Rainbow prata 1

These hipster canai/pratas are obviously pretty Instagram worthy but for those of you worried about how they’ve gotten their colours, they’re made from regular food colouring.

Priced at SGD$1.50 each for the regular canai/pratas and SGD$2 each for the egg canai/pratas, they’ll come served with a choice of either chicken or pork curry.

And if the thought of eating colourful canai/pratas doesn’t appeal to you, the stall also comes with some other non-standard Indian/Mamak fare. This includes their signature Black Chicken briyani and the namesake, Pork Briyani, both priced at SGD$8 each.

So if you’re down in Singapore, and willing to head to the boonies that is Woodlands (a lot easier if you’re coming in via Johor Bahru), you might want to check out this food stall, not only for its colourful canai/pratas, but for their non-standard briyanis as well. Just remember, it’s very non-halal!

Here’s where to find it:

Banana Leaf Pork Briyani
Address: 71 Woodlands Industrial Estate Park E9 Wave 9 #01-04, Singapore 757881
Opening Hours: Daily, 7am – 10.30pm
Contact no.: +65 9321 8081

Image and video source: Banana Leaf Pork Briyani Facebook Page