Audi Tie Fighter 16

The TIE Fighter in Star Wars is one of the coolest looking space fighters to be designed in the realm of Sci-Fi. Though the design hasn’t changed much over the years and over seven (coming eight) movies, it still manages to look great alongside more modern designs.

Have you ever wondered though, what the TIE Fighter was to look like if they were actually designed by the people who design our sleek looking cars?

Wonder no more as it seems, we have the answer now. This is thank to Jason Battersby, who is a designer at Audi, the German automaker. In his spare time, Battersby likes to muck around with concept art and design and one of the results of him mucking around is this beautifully designed TIE Fighter that looks like it could have rolled out of an Audi factory.

He calls it the TIE-X and even has a little backstory for it:

Out of the shadows comes the Tie-X, Vader’s secret advanced Tie-Fighter project. Only a handful escaped the Death Star before it’s untimely demise. These advanced Tie-Fighters were built to be the most agile in the Empire, carrying out secret missions for Vader across the galaxy.

It’ll be pretty cool if some of his designs were to be picked up by any of the Star Wars movies or even animated series. The design is a refreshing take on the TIE Fighter and with the backstory given to it, even plausible.

Here are more pictures of the TIE-X for you to drool over: