TSM Wins
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During a nail biting contest TeamSolo Mind was crowned as the winners of the North America League of Legends championships series, in an online multiplayer game. This event took place at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver during the weekend of April 22-23, 2017.

League of Legends enthusiasts who paid big money for tickets to this prestigious gaming event were not left disappointed.  In the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split Finals between TSM and Cloud9, the five-game series was decided by one climactic fight. The engagement forced extremely quick decision making from both teams – and the delicate execution of that fight appointed TSM as the winners.

TSM were set as rivals against Cloud9 (C9). TSM seized the first two rounds forcefully, with the playoffs continuing only for 28 minutes and 22 minutes respectively. During round three and four, C9 made a comeback thrashing TSM hard.  It all came down to the final round when TSM made an unfaltering decision to fight back aggressively and to hold their stance that they succeeded in defeating C9.

During the challenge, the Vancouver crowd actually got engaged in the final round and exploded by shouting and clapping as TSM were crowned as winners.

More about the two teams TSM and Cloud9

Team SoloMind (TSM) is one of the prime teams in the league.  They are defined as a powerhouse given that they have so far accomplished to reach every final in the LCS history.  They have to Canadian players from on their team:  Toronto ADC Jason aka “Wildturtle”Tran from Toronto and Vincent “Biofrost” Wang from Vancouver.

Cloud ( C9) is identified as a league veteran and has been an eminent contester since entering the LCS four years ago.  Team member Andy “Smoothie” Ta hails from Edmonton.


Other teams competed in North American League Championship series


Fanatics had the privilege earlier to experience the battle for third place between Phoenix1 (P1) and FLYQUEST. During round,one P1 drew first blood but struggled in rounds two and three, before making a comeback in round four and five.

Phoenix 1 is one of the youngest teams in this competition; they were nearly dispose of from the LCS and are just barely on the other side of inter-personal drama that involved their Vancouver player, Rami “Inori” Charagh. He was briefly replaced by another player and also returned home to support his mother, who had fallen on the ice and broken her leg.

#p Flyquest is the freshest team to join the six-team LCS since climbing the ladder from the development league as the farm-team for Cloud9. Since each organisation can only have one team in the main league, they were sold to Fortress Investment Group and Wesley Edens, who’s the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. The team still counts three of the original members of Cloud9, including Hai “Hai” Lam, considered a legendary player and one of the best at his role in the world.

About League of Legends eSports Tournament

The League of Legends is a trendy multiplayer online game produced by Riot Games.  This well admired online game has attained cult status since its launch in 2009, with a huge cultural influence and global fandom.  It is established that this online game is one of the largest multiplayer games in the world and a prominent feature on the eSports circuit. The popularity of League of Legends has grown around the globe with over 67 million enthusiasts that play every month.  It is these devotees that form the foundation of the online gaming community and therefore Riot Games continue to enhance and perfect the League of Legends encounter.

For the uninitiated, League of Legends is an online video game that sees teams of five battle it out to destroy the opposing team’s base. Teams compete on the world stage for a chance to be crowned champions and an opportunity to land prize pools that can run upwards of US$5 million.


What is the North American League Championship Series? 

The Na LCS is a knock-out bracket established on a best-of-five, one-on-one challenge in which gamers take part in on teams of five to win at League of Legends.


The continental titleholder will represent North America at the mid-season invitational later this year.  The champion will in addition gain points towards qualifying for the world championship. The prize money for the global champ is $1 million U.S.

This challenge is distinguished as the spring split, the second consecutive one hosted in Canada after Toronto held the summer split at the Air Canada Centre in 2016.

Up-to-date the 2017 NA LCS spring finals hosted in Vancouver is reckoned to be one of the most highly anticipated events in the game’s history.  Records show that tickets sold out almost a month prior to the actual event and supporters were left buying tickets for as much as twice the price.  Approximately 16,000 people crowded the stadium to catch their favourite teams in action.

NA LCS Spectators 

Millions of spectators around the globe show up live or tune in to watch others play video games.  More than 15 000 spectators showed up in Toronto during 2016 for the summer split.

According SuperData,a games industry researcher, the eSport market attained US$890 million in 2016 and drew nearly 214 world-wide spectators for gaming contests and competitions. The mainstream of that audience is in Asia, but their research suggests Europe and North America are catching up.

TSM will now head to Brazil to participate in the Mid-Season Invitational tournament where they will represent North America. It will feature the Spring’s winners from 13 regions including North America, South Korea, China,Taiwan/Macau/HongKong, Europe, Latin America North, Latin America South, Brazil, Oceania, Turkey, Southeast Asia, Japan and CIS/Russia.

The MSI is taking place between the 28th of April to 21st of May, with the Play-In Stage at the CBLoL Studio, Sao Paulo and the Group and Knockout Stages at Rio Arena, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.  To find out more about the competition look what Online Gambling Canada : Best Canadian Casinos List Online has to say. These guys are well-informed on the League of Legends eSports Tournament.