Train To Busan Poster

If you’ve watched Korean zombie flick Train to Busan and loved it, you’ll be thrilled to know that a sequel is already on its way.

The zombie film, which involves a bunch of survivors attempting to escape the zombie horde on a train, achieved surprising international acclaim as it proved itself to be more than just another zombie apocalypse movie.

The lead actor, Gong Yoo recently announced on Twitter that they’ve already confirmed a sequel.

The film is also receiving bids for a Hollywood remake of the movie, with companies like 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures being among those who want their claws in the franchise. There’s apparently interest in a French version as well.

As for the sequel itself, director Yeon Sang-Ho has hinted that there are two possible storylines for the upcoming sequel. It will either focus on the revitalization of the setting or it will feature a narrative arc from a zombie’s viewpoint. Can we have the second please?

Train to Busan is in theatres now, starring Kim Su-An, Jung Yu-Mi and Ma Dong-Seok. Check out our review too!