4. Gargoyles


Number of seasons: 3

Number of episodes: 78

Original run: 24 October 1994 – 15 February 1997

If you’re looking for a cartoon where its intro alone can send chills down your spine, the honour definitely goes to Gargoyles, the monologue by series lead, Goliath and the background music is a perfect fit. Now with that description alone, those of you who have never watched Gargoyles are probably thinking this is a horror cartoon, but it isn’t.

It actually mashes sci-fi and fantasy together into a very beautiful combination with themes such as love, betrayal, friendship and even acceptance. Said Gargoyles are actually friends to humans and help protect them when the sun sets. However, because of events that took place in the year 994, the six remaining Gargoyles, who were magically frozen are left feeling betrayed and wary of humans when the spell is broken. And yet, at the same time, they still help protect the citizens of New York City and also learn how to adapt to the current time. One of the members of the clan even becomes a computer whiz.

So if a studio really ends up picking up this title for a movie, it can once again use a mixture of live-actors and CGI as the Gargoyles do interact with humans and in the future, most of their foes are humans. Also, the movie can easily be made into multiple parts. In the first movie, which serves as an introduction, we can always see how the clan of Gargoyles defend Scotland from the Vikings and what caused them to be cursed. Sequels will then be able to introduce their enemies in the future such as Xanatos, The Pack, Coldstone and Thailog.