DOTA 2 is getting into the spirit of cooperation with the release of a series of co-op story missions, as part of their Siltbreaker campaign later this year.

Anyone who owns a 2017 Battle Pass will have access to the game, which is broke up into two acts. The first goes live later this May, while the other will drop in July. The campaign basically takes groups of four (friends or matchmade strangers) “undertake a cooperative adventure into the blackest depths of Dark Reef” where they will traverse a “diverse landscape of loathsome monsters, cunning traps, and other lethal terrors.”

With each game, you’ll gain campaign XP and an exclusive Desert Sands Baby Roshan available on the Wheel of Rewards.

This is a pretty good tactic to get people on board to pick up a Battle Pass, or just plain draw in those peeps who like a bit more story in their game.