Razer music

Yes you heard that right, Razer very recently debuted their music portal Razer Music, following the trend of the brand slowly moving away from just producing gaming peripherals.

The new site, which features more than just artists and their music, will also include tour info, tutorials as well as FL Studio from Image-Line to become a standard on Razer systems. This is also to encourage more music producers to pick the Razer Blade as their choice laptop for making music, and will be extended to pre-existing owners of the 2015 Blade systems.

The portal basically makes it simpler to share content and tips on music making. There will be video tutorials as well as informative articles about the creative process plus dedicated pages for each artist on the portal.

Of the artists who have already signed on to Razer Music we have deadmau5, Feed Me, Metro Boomin, Dyro and Ean Golden, all of which have their own unique styles and flavour. A new Razer Music site will be updated regularly with content from this world-class roster, which will also include Carnage, Project 46, Varien, Heatbeat, Sandro Silva, AWE, BARE, Burns, Maor Levi, and Zircon.

“Artists and DJs from all over the world have connected with me to discuss producing on the Razer Blade,” says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO. “The power and portable form factor of our systems offers artists the performance they need, whether in the studio, on the road or onstage.”

So what do you think about Razer’s latest deviation from the gaming industry? let us know in the comments.