The so called PROSelfie Xperia C3 from Sony
The so called PROSelfie Xperia C3 from Sony
The so called PROSelfie Xperia C3 from Sony

Oh Sony, Sony. A bit late to the game aren’t you? Well no matter. Selfie-ing is still an in thing and it’s better late than never right? And if Sony is to be believed, maybe being late isn’t such a bad thing, especially if you’re going to be the best. That seems to be the case with their new Sony Xperia C3 which Sony is labeling the “Best Selfie Smartphone” in the world.

So let’s see what it’s packing that makes it the “Best Selfie Smartphone” in the world. It’s pretty obvious that Sony is going with some pretty souped up imaging/camera features for this smartphone for the narcissistic. The back camera of course packs what would now be a standard 8MP Exmore RS sensor. Not that much of a standout since it’s about what you’d expect from most mid-range smartphones. Since this IS a selfie smartphone though, it’s the front camera that’s the highlight.

What the C3 packs in front is a 5MP sensor that comes with a 80-degree field view. It even comes with a front “soft” LED flash. And to add to it’s selfie credentials, Sony is packing the C3 full of selfie-taking apps. There’s other additional features that make the front camera such a selfie-taking machine. It has a Superior Auto mode that recognises four different scene types and automatically adjusts its settings for better shots and lighting situations. There’s also a Potrait Retouch V.2 feature that’ll automatically adjust your selfies in real-time before capturing an image. How’s that for some over-narcissistic features.

Of course your other imaging features usually reserverd for the back, main cameara are also available for the front camera as well including Timeshift-Burst (just in case you want multiple selfies) and AR Effect (what’s a selfie without some fun effect thrown in?). Heck even the HDR mode can be activated for the front camera.

The cameras are all good and all but it still smartphone so we’re also curious about what it’s packing in terms of power. For a mid-range phone, it is decent enough. Processor wise you’re getting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2GHz quad-core processor and Adreno 305 GPU, supported by 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. It’ll be pointless if the screen wasn’t up to spec either so the X3 does come with a decent 5.5-inch 720p display which also features Sony’s Triluminos display for mobile and Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2. 

As for your baery life, the C3 comes with a 2500mAH battery, which is decent enough though with it also being LTE enabled, you might want to be packing a powerbank with you.

So when can we expect this PROSelfie smartphone (as Sony would call it) to be available? It’s expected to be out globally in August though an exact date for our local roll out isn’t clear yet.

Source: Sony Mobile